Anger is the red sight of a bull flighing strait at you in the dark side of you.

Anger is negative circurts sparking but just cant get positive.Red explains it.

Anger is a duststorm blankiting its sight blocking the light

Term 3

Week 1 I was at home playing ps3 with my sister .The game was Call Of Duty World At War and step Dad.It was so funny

Week 2  we went to the maire in Ouawhao it was not that fun but the only rolling down the grass bank.We learnt about famous maori people that part was quite interesting.

Week 3 In week 3  a jass band came from Auckland and came to our school.They play alot of cool songs.My best was the zulu song. That was cool to wacth.

Week 4 We druw and painted on canvases.A that week they were ment to be sold for an art auction .It was in  the weekend.