In the holidays, I went up to Paihia to see my nana and my granddad.

We went to kerikeri to see madagascar 3.

What a crack up movie.

The next day I went to the shops and bought a stretcher for my ear.

All together that was a cool holiday.:)



Prize giving

Our soccer team had prize giving.

We all got an award.

Umm it was kinda cool. After it was tasty with lots of treats .

Dont want to name all but starting with chocolate.

We all went out side and had lollie scramble and played soccer on the field.

It was about 7:30pm when we stared playing soccer.

Alll together it was cool.

Week 4

Today in the morning I played minecrat with Logan,Isaiah,thomas,Joel,jayden and wade.
We played a lot of it and joel locked me in my house so Jayden chase him and killed him.
It was fun.
We played it on our iPads.
Uses should play minecraft on your computers at home.
It is the most funest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Camp Adair

The year sevan and eights went to camp adair.

We went on monday at eigt oclock.

My first activities was the tripease. I look pretty fun and it was because i jumped and caught the swing.

People  were holding the ropes down the bottem so i wouldnt fall of.

After that we did the confedence course. It was very muddy.

Camp Adair was the best camp i’ve been to.

I wish we could of stayed longer.